Sunday, August 25, 2019

Baby Lord Of The Dance: Behind-the-Scenes
A few months ago we "released" a music video of my newborn baby "dancing" to a track from Lord of the Dance, which you can still view HERE.  We made it as a late Mother's Day/Early Father's Day gift for the Grandparents.  It was shot over the course of 3 nights in June and "released" soon thereafter.  I have just recently cut together a Behind-the-Scenes glimpse for it, which can now be viewed HERE!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

8/18/18: Lydia & Connor Wedding Highlight Reel

We didn't plan on making a highlight reel for this Wedding but since we ended up shooting so much, it didn't make sense not to.  An extended Documentary version is in the works and will be released as Volume 7 in the Zim Home Video Wedding Collection later this year.  Photo above by Mishi Reyes.  Happy Anniversary Lydia + Connor!  Check out the trailer and then watch the highlight Reel HERE!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Baby Lord Of The Dance

After discovering that my 6 week old baby loves dancing to Irish Dance music.  We decided to construct a little music video/dance performance video, as a late Mother's Day/Early Father's Day gift to our parents.  Check it out Here!

Sunday, May 26, 2019


The fourth and final entry in this series of logo creation behind-the-scenes vignettes is the Z3 FILMS logo.  It went through several variations over the years but the four below were used the most.
Oddly enough the original "Z3" logo plate was drawn using the spray-paint brush in Microsoft Paint. It was then superimposed on top of a fiery video plate from one my first movies, The Battle of Yorktown (1994).  I used it this way, without any additional text, for several years.  Then in the early 2000's Levi Obery added the additional "FILMS productions" text to it to be used at the top of Halloween: Haddonfield Revisited (2002), and then updated and removed the "productions" part of the title for The Only Way (2004).  I would sometimes alter the colors or speed depending on the project but overall it stayed mostly the same.  I haven't needed a new logo for anything lately (since I've mostly been working in post-production for TV) but potential ideas have been creeping into my mind for years.  So after my Wedding in October 2016 - I decided to finally push through and create a new logo, for my Wedding Documentary, and for future projects.
DEVELOPMENT/PRE-PRODUCTION:  This new logo went through several iterations. My original plan was to rework the original Z3 animation with new "Films" text added.  After much experimentation I realized that this was not enough of an upgrade considering the master footage was from VHS.  So I decided to start from scratch.

PRODUCTION PART I: I used the original "Z3" logo as the basis by creating a stencil using a print out.  Then I traced it onto the back of a black canvas.  I then lit it up and animated the logo ripping through the canvas frame by frame.  Then I added some practical smoke to it (a.k.a. baby powder) for a little ambience and moved the light around behind the cut out a bit to give myself some additional options.  It was a very low budget and practical-based process but it did the trick.

PRODUCTION PART II/POST-PRODUCTION: The second part took much longer and much more experimentation.  I began to paint, sketch, and experiment with digital text for options of the "FILMS" element.  Several different versions were combined with the animated background logo plate to see which one was the best.  Eventually, after several months (maybe years) of work, I settled on my favorite and a new Z3 FILMS Logo was born (see below)!  Check out a behind-the-scenes video of the process HERE!

Monday, May 13, 2019

KNIGHTFALL: Season 2 Finale!

The finale of KNIGHTFALL Airs tonight on The History Channel.
Check out the Teaser and tune in tonight!

Friday, May 10, 2019


The second in this series of logo creation behind-the-scenes vignettes is the PHOOLISH PHILMS logo.  This "Company" was officially birthed in 2004 by my brother Brandon and I for our short film - Pursuit of a Vision.  It has never had an official logo though, until now.

Development:  After doing the reversed broken mirror concept for the @LUNAREYLA logo, and the practical background ripping for the Z3 FILMS logo I wanted to find something different for this one.  So I kept my eye out for interesting visuals and concepts being done out in the world.  I pulled together a handful of different ideas and let them simmer in my mind for awhile.

The Letters:  At some point I decided that I wanted to use physical letters, something tangible as the basis for the logo.  My original idea was to purchase cardboard letters because I thought I had seen them at a store recently.  I searched everywhere and couldn't find said cardboard letters anywhere near me but I did find some wooden ones in the size I was looking for.  So I purchased them and returned home and painted them all a dopey lime green.  Then I dirtied them up a bit and let them dry while and then I kind of lost my inspiration.  So I took some time to develop the concept a little more.

Production Shoot #1:  Eventually I took a break from editing (the myriad of projects I have on my slate right now) and made a day out of experimenting with several of the ideas that had been floating around in my head.  I tried a few things with spray painted lettering, water spray and smears, and also shot some stuff with the tangible wooden letters.  This by default, added more color and texture to the letters.  With the footage I cut a few options together but none of them were worthy of being the logo.  So I sat the project aside for a little while longer...

Production Shoot #2:  Then a new idea sparked one morning.  I'm not sure where it sparked from but I'm certainly glad it did.  The concept was to have the letters hanging towards the camera and moving subtely.  So over the course of a few days, I started stapling yarn to the letters, guiding them through punched holes in a large desktop computer box that I had previously painted black (originally to be used for the Z3 Logo Background plate), and then I hung that box up in a doorway.  This allowed the letters to fall strangely and independently of each other.  I tried several variations in lighting and focus -  with plates of all of the letters holding still, moving all over the place, and even pulled up tight against the cardboard.

Post-Production:  Once I got all of the new plates into the computer I started playing around with the different options.  I played with different timing effects and altered the colors.  I had recently purchased some VHS overlay filters and felt like those would help hit the overall idea home as well (our roots are in the land of VHS afterall!).  Phoolish Philms has always had a cool homemade essence in my mind.  So to me, this logo really represents it well.

Check out a behind-the-scenes video HERE!

Friday, May 3, 2019


My brother-in-law and fellow film making guru David Reyes is the narrator on this rad new Verizon TV Spot.
 Check it out HERE!

Monday, April 22, 2019

KNIGHTFALL: "Road to Chartres"

The KNIGHTFALL episode that I Assistant Edited, "Road to Chartres",
Airs tonight on The History Channel.  Check out the Teaser here and Tune in tonight!

Sunday, April 14, 2019


The second entry in this series of logo creation behind-the-scenes vignettes is the @LUNAREYLA logo.
Pre-Production: Since our Wedding in October 2016, I have wanted to produce a logo for Michelle's production company @LUNAREYLA. My main reason was to be able to put it at the start of our long gestating Wedding Documentary but also potentially for other projects that we do in the future.

I had already been gathering idea's and concepts that interested me for updated versions of my Z3 Films and Phoolish Philms Logos.  So I had a handful of options that could potentially work. I really didn't want any of these new logos to be the same conceptually so I made sure not to rush through anything. Then one Saturday afternoon while Michelle was taking a nap a new idea sparked into my mind. I then ransacked my apartment in search of potential elements to use but I came up empty handed.  The main item that I needed was an old mirror.  So I ran down the street to the thrift shop and picked one up. Upon returning to my place I set everything up in the living room: the camera, a couple of work lights, and the mirror. Then I drew a temp version of the "text" for the logo on one side of the mirror (I left the other side for a possible take 2). After that I woke Michelle up and explained what the voices in my head were screaming at me. She liked the idea of the idea and then decided that she wanted to draw the text on the mirror.  So she did...

Production: After the paint had dried we adjusted the lights and shot various plates of the logo.  We did several with the lights swinging around and also a handful with the lights settled. Then we both broke the glass, little by little, with the intention of animating the progression of the breakage.  The ultimate plan was to play the breaking glass in reverse to reveal the logo. It could really be used both ways if we really want it to.

The completed logo looks something like the photo can see a short version of it in action on this trailer - SPRING 2019!  The full version will debut on the Documentary 10/8/16: THE DAY WE GOT MARRIED, hopefully arriving on Blu-ray later this year!?!

Stay Tuned for Part III: Phoolish Philms!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


For the last few years I have sporadically been working on updated production logos for various "entities" within our movie making universe. We have created many production logos since we started making movies back in the 1990's.  So I thought it might be fun to look back at some of the old versions and then dig into the process of making the new ones.  The first to be discussed will be the Zim Home Video logo.  Zim Home Video was the name of our first production banner, and remained our primary for several years.  We often created co-production banner's as well when other people would be co-producing a project with us.  So we also have several off-shoot production banners that we have made as well.

The early versions of the logo were often simplistic. Usually they consisted of text on white paper or words appearing on a dry erase board. We made several different versions early on because at the time we didn't have the ability to edit anything. We were shooting our movies in scene order. So every time we made a new movie we had to shoot a new version of the logo at the start of the tape. This gave us the freedom to theme the logo to its given movie, which allowed for more creativity. A few of the Alternate Zim Home Video versions contained Magic Wands (In reference to my old Wanna-Be A Magician Days), a Mini Godzilla (A creature that was often used in our miniature city animations), and even Power Ranger's Zord toys (For our Kid Rangers movie).  In 1997/98 I produced a version which had the letters mold themselves out of a blue putty substance on my bedroom wall. This version of the logo was used for many projects over the course of several years. The next version was shot as live action - featuring me opening "The Movie Closet" door, raising a slate marked "Zim Home Video", and then clapping it.  This version of the logo was only used a few times.  I'd actually completely forgotten about it until I started digging in the archives for this post.

Around the year 2000, we rebranded the production side of things as Z3 Films Productions and Zim Home Video became solely our distribution arm.  Around this same time my friend and producing partner Levi Obery produced a few versions of the logo for us.  A few years later upon moving to Los Angeles I created a new version, which was black & white with TV glitches.

Now here we are, it's 2019 and while I was producing several other production logos (most of which will be discussed later in this series) I was inspired to revisit this logo.  This newest incantation is a conglomeration of several of the logos of the past.  The text has been hand painted.  The color scheme is based on the 2000's version, which was partially inspired by the very first version.  The VHS glitches homage the prior version and also our early days, when every movie was being shot on VHS.  The rest is just inspired magic.

Stay tuned for Part II: @LUNAREYLA!