Thursday, March 27, 2014

CALENDARS, a Bryan Butt story

CALENDARS is an Official Selection in the 2014 Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival.  This short spoken word piece takes an insightful look inside the mind of its 25-year old filmmaker, Bryan Butt.  Watch a 30 second promotion for the piece HERE!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Vintage Contest Flyer

While I was back in Illinois over the holidays I found this gem and couldn't help but share it.  During  the lengthy Production on Kid Rangers: The Movie, I was pretending we had an ad campaign.  I have no idea where I planned on hanging this, possibly at the grocery and/or video stores?  We never finished this movie but several promotional materials were created for it - including VHS Artwork, a fully produced soundtrack, and several other posters similar to this (with drawings I'd done in Microsoft paint).  Perhaps I'll find the time to dig up some more of this movie in 2014?

Saturday, January 18, 2014


In late November 2011, I was shooting a little experimental project hoping that it would help me find some enjoyment in packing up my belongings (with sights set on moving back to Glendale, Ca).  When I was younger I had done similar projects, oftentimes I would convince my brother and friends to help me clean our basement studio by saying that I would shoot the process and then make it look "Really Cool in Fast motion."  I was able to get away with this numerous times until they eventually caught on and stopped helping me.

The initial plan was to finish up this little short and bring it to Illinois to show family and friends during my return for the 2011 Winter Holidays.  But then on December 2nd, a week and a half before I was set to fly back home, my Grandpa passed.  So I traveled back to Illinois early and this project was indefinitely shelved.  He always loved my stop-motion animated logos and when I would bring various toys to life.  Since this project is using a very similar technique (although adding in human interaction as well), I'm sure he would have gotten a kick out of it.

So this project has collected dust for the past two years, alongside a few others.  I ended up shooting an extension to it while we were living in Glendale (the place we were moving to during the initial shoot).  This extension just so happened to be shot the following October, as we were starting to pack up to move to another new apartment.  So I thought it would be humorous to have things start to disappear again (not that moving once a year is funny in the least bit, ugh).  So today is January 18, and in memory of my Grandpa I give you EVERYTHING DISAPPEARS.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

About (mt)

Worked alongside Levi Obery as a Camera Operator on this project for a few days in September last year.  Check out the finished product HERE!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

9 MINUTES OF PURE HORROR: A Halloween Double Feature

My little brother Jordan, his friend Jack Salmon, and a host of others have concocted a fun Halloween Double feature this year.  The film pretty much speaks for itself.  Watch it HERE!

This years Basement Exclusive Halloween clip comes from our short anthology SURF.  These scenes are from the segment "A Vision of Madness." It features Brandon Zimmerman, Jordan Zimmerman, David Zimmerman III, Levi Obery, D.C. Little, and Megan Moravec.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! PLAY.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

TEACH: Documentary

Started working on Teach as it was coming to a close but still got to be a small part of it.  CBS premiered it last Friday but it will begin playing on the PIVOT channel on 9/18.  It can also be purchased on itunes for only $2.99. Now, on to another Documentary project for a few weeks...

Watch the trailer HERE!