Friday, March 15, 2019

ONE OF THE GOOD ONES: Festival Screening

ONE OF THE GOOD ONES, a new feature produced/edited by Levi Obery has been chosen to
screen at the Richmond International Film Festival next month.  Late last year, I had the pleasure
of designing/drawing the main titles for the film's opening credits sequence.  For more information
check out the film's IMDB page!  Watch the Trailer and purchase tickets for the Festival Screening Here!

Sunday, February 17, 2019


Back in the Mid-80's and through the 90's my brothers and I were in a rock band.  Our first self-titled album is being re-issued this month in 3 different color variants.  See the upgraded cover artwork above and stay tuned for some behind-the-scenes photos and more!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Friday, January 11, 2019

THE LAST SHIP: Season 5 Coming Soon to Bluray/DVD!

The 5th and Final Season of THE LAST SHIP is coming to Bluray on March 12, 2019!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018: Year End Review

Today we are taking a look back at 2018.  It was actually a pretty big year for us.  Here is a quick rundown (with links) to several projects that we "released" this year, a few that I worked on elsewhere, and also a brief taste of things to come.

I went on my year and a half delayed Honeymoon to Europe - of which we attained 13+ hours of trip material throughout Rome, Venice, and Barcelona.  (See photo above of our Docu-Gear). Soon after we returned a 12-Minute Highlight Reel was constructed - if you haven't seen it already, check it out HERE!
Then in May we shot and produced a music video for my Mother-In-Law for Mother's Day (Mostly on Green Screen just outside my kitchen in Los Angeles and the rest remotely in Oregon).  It grew into something much bigger than intended (as these projects tend to do) but we were all happy with the final product.  Check it out HERE!

In September - the 5th and Final Season of The Last Ship premiered, of which I Assistant Edited four episodes of.  Pre-order the Bluray or order the entire series Bluray Collection - both release in March!

A few months later the finishing touches were put on my Wedding Highlight Reel just in time for a Halloween release.  Which can be viewed HERE!

The Blu-ray release of Into the Woods - featuring a brand new Final Director's Cut of the movie presented in Full HD, a handful of new Bonus Content (along with everything from the 2008 DVD release), and new cover artwork was unveiled to the world at the beginning of November. Stream on Amazon or order a hard copy with all the extras HERE!

Also in November - we constructed a practical mini-room and shot a Teaser trailer, for a proposed Spring 2019 release of...see HERE(See set behind-the-scenes photo above and a more detailed look below)
 Feel free to watch it a few times.  It has a lot of references to movies and other things hidden within.

 Photo Credit: Always Flourishing Photography
It was a big year for Wedding's and Wedding related events for us as well.  My Brother was married in September (see behind-the-scenes photo above with Jordan and I shooting on the party bus) and my Sister-In-Law was married in October.  We documented them both extensively.  So I am once again working on 3 Wedding projects at the same time.  The last time this happened (before I "retired") was back in 2003.  Stay tuned for Reels related to those events in the coming months.  My Wedding Documentary is still lingering in Post-Production (in sound/color), along with its myriad of Bonus Content.  New Logos for several of our entities are also in the works.  If all goes well all of these (and several other things) will be completed and "released" by the years end.  Time will tell though, as they are all pretty large projects.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

THE LAST SHIP: Series Finale!

The Series Finale of The Last Ship airs this Sunday!  Check out a sneak peek of the Episode Here!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

HALLOWEEN 2018 Exclusive: 10/8/16: REEL
For Halloween this year I am releasing something a little bit different than usual (but more current) - my Wedding Highlight Reel!  That being said, it still has a bit of a horror twist.  The look of the video is highly inspired by 2007's Grindhouse.  It also features Zim Home Video/Z3 Films archival props, costumes, several actors and crew, one of the VHS Camcorders that we used to shoot with in the old days, and more!

This Reel arrives just a little over 2 years after our Wedding Day.  Mainly due to the fact that only days after we returned from Illinois, I jumped back on The Last Ship for back to back seasons.  So throughout the next year and a half I only had small windows of time to work on this project (which ultimately consists of a Highlight Reel, a feature length Documentary, and a Myriad of Bonus Material all destined for a Blu-ray "release").

Then after work on The Last Ship commenced - we made our way to Europe for a proper Honeymoon. While we were abroad we shot somewhere around 13 hours of footage spanning the 12-Day trip. So when we returned I dug right into the Honeymoon footage and cut it down to a reasonable Documentary length. Then we chopped that down further into a 12-Minute Highlight Reel, which we "released" online in August, and can still be viewed HERE!

After our Honeymoon Reel was complete I got deep into the editing process of this Reel, and the other Wedding Day materials. So this Halloween, I give you 10/8/16: The Reel!