Thursday, July 30, 2009

Post-Production Projects

I've been doing a lot of post-production work lately in my time off from official work. I've been doing extensive sound mixing work and additional editing for a short film that is directed by an established LA writer/director. The short is currently (at this very moment) being run out to DVD with plans to send it out onto the festival circuit ASAP. I received the rest of the re-shoot footage today for Decker's Dead from one of its four co-directors. So now I can dig back into that project so the creators can get it into the next stages. I am also working on an anti-wedding video, using the material I shot while I was at my friend Jeff's Wedding during my vacation last month. Edit work will also begin on another small scene for an actor's reel in the next week or so. When these projects are officially released I will make it known where they can be seen!

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