Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amazon Video-On-Demand and More!

ONE HOUR FANTASY GIRL is now available for Rental/Streaming/Download via Amazon's Video-On-Demand Service. You can Rent/Stream the film for $1.99 or just Download a digital copy for $4.99. To do so please go HERE.

The film is also Coming soon to: Netflix, iTunes (within 4-6 weeks), IndieFlix (Will go live on August 18th), a special promo with HULU, and more.

Also to read some of the articles written by Louisville Newspapers about last weekends screening go HERE.

Just recently Levi and I's other films were added to Amazon's Video-On-Demand Service as well. The Only Way: School Cut, The Only Way: Recut, Before the Storm, and Into the Woods. It allows you to watch the first 2 minutes of the films for free if you would like a sample before you buy.

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