Saturday, June 26, 2010

Incompletes Vol. 2: Kid Rangers

So this entry comes from a project that we were working on for the latter part of the 90's, Kid Rangers: The Movie. It begins with a morphing sequence that, judging by the light changes, seems to have been shot on 6-7 different days. I imagine that scheduling 6 different people to be at a shoot would be almost impossible when your 10 years old. We then move into a morphed fight sequence that shows off our fully constructed costumes that were creatively built using everyday household items; such as felt, spray paint, old clothes, and more. This fight sequence was constructed from 10 different tapes, from at least 20 different days of shooting, with 4 different cameras, and shot over the course of 5 years. If coming across this footage has proven anything to me, its proven that when we were committed to a project, we weren't messing around! We didn't even have a script, just an obsession for the Power Rangers, and the drive to make a movie. This clip features Brandon Zimmerman, Me, Cody Mischler, Heath Adams, Maggie Whittington, Dustin Call, Tyler Pfanz, Brad Luke, and Aaron Klinkradt. I tried to put it together in the most classic sense of the TV show that I could. I always dreamed as a little kid that I would find a way to cut this movie together someday. We never really shot a third act, so I doubt I could ever complete a full cut of the movie. For now, I'm excited that I had the time to bring the footage together to at least edit this sequence. We shot a lot more for this movie throughout the years, so in time, more material could find its way onto the net. Watch this scene HERE!


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