Monday, December 17, 2012

H.H.R. 10th Anniversary Deluxe Bluray Edition

Although this movie cannot be officially released since its a fan film, that still hasn't stopped me from building the Ultimate Deluxe Edition for its 10th Anniversary. It was Constructed for many reasons: partly as a gift, a Blu-ray production test (practice for the upcoming Into The Woods Blu-Ray), and using the 10th Anniversary as an excuse to finally put the movie into a more completed form (with extensive bonus material). This joins the rest of our projects on the shelf and gives an extremely comprehensive look at our film making process from back in 2002. I'm very happy to have completed this and excited to move on to new projects in 2013!

Features: REDUX Cut, Full Original 2002 Theatrical Experience, DIRECTORS WITH CAMERAS: 4-HOUR SURVEILLANCE DOCUMENTARY, Post-Production Featurette: Then and Now, TEN YEARS LATER: A Retrospective with the Directors, What we Were Actually Doing for Halloween 2002 Short, Behind-the-Scenes of the Making of the Menus, DZ3 REDUX Commentary, 21 Deleted/Alternate Scenes, Remastered Original ‘02 Vintage Blooper Reel/BTS Featurette, Premiere Diary (with news report), and 4 Vintage Trailers.

You can view the remastered opening sequence HERE, and watch the 10th Anniversary Retrospective with Levi and I HERE.

Into the Woods Blu-Ray Specs COMING SOON.

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