Tuesday, October 31, 2017

HALLOWEEN 2017 Exclusive Film: NIGHTMARE

This holiday season we've decided to share our first completed feature length film - Nightmare! It was shot off and on as a side project (within many other projects) from 1997-2001.  Sometime in 2000 we finally buckled down and produced additional connective tissue to bring a handful of the scenes together.  We shot on VHS and Hi-8 and cut mostly linear with a rudimentary home editing setup consisting of a camcorder, a boom box, and a VCR.  Some minor visual effects, the opening title sequence, and some sound mixing were done near the end of post-production.  This movie is not for sale and all un-original materials are the property of their respective owners.  It was made for the joy and entertainment of those involved.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2017! Watch Nightmare HERE!

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