Monday, December 25, 2023

THAT LAST CHRISTMAS: Holiday Short/Music Video 2023

Hot off the press, we bring you our THIRD installment in our Holiday music video series - THAT LAST CHRISTMAS.  We actually shot most of this one last holiday season in November/December 2022, (in Los Angeles and Illinois).  As we started to cut it we soon realized that it was too big to finish in time.  So we released a TRAILER, in hopes that we could get it out sometime during the year.  Time did not permit and it eventually made more sense to just release it for the holidays this year.

This installment is longer, and starts as more of a short film than the previous years.  Similar to the others, it is chock full of Holiday  movie references and also connects in many ways to the videos that precede it.  With the extra 11 months to work through the 17+ hours of total footage, we had more time (early on) to dig deeper into the footage than we ever have before.  This did leave us with more on the cutting room floor in the end.  So hopefully I can find a way to release some of the lost gems at some point!?!

It was a gargantuan amount of work throughout the year and still somehow came right down to the wire.  The last piece of ADR was recorded on 12/14, and the cut was locked and uploaded just hours before we hopped onto a plane in the early AM on 12/17.  For the last week we were working alongside a pair of sick kids, which eventually sickened us as well.  This made for quite the expanded journey into delirium and madness while working through the projects final days of post in sickness.  Somehow we made it through and now, we bring you THAT LAST CHRISTMAS.

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