Saturday, October 31, 2015

HALLOWEEN 2015: A Scene from Total Scream

This years Exclusive Halloween clip comes in memory of the legendary man of horror, Wes Craven.  We spent the last half of the 1990's into the 2000's shooting a Scream fan film that we never completed.  Wes Craven took my interest in horror to the next level and then beyond.
Our movie was a hybrid of original content combined with re-imagined versions of scenes from the entire Scream Trilogy.  Sidney was in our movie but in a more limited role.  Randy was the main character and his story line followed a similar path to Sidney's in the original series.  In our movie, Stab 3 had shot a year prior in the town that all our characters live in (with some of them participating in the movie), and after its release a killer begins to pick off the actors from the movie.  We thought up this story line before Scream 3 came out, originally it was mainly to incorporate some of the death scenes (as scenes from the Stab 3 movie) that we had already shot that no longer fit the overall story.  I thought it would be safe to skip Stab 2, and jump to Stab 3 but Scream 3 ended up doing something very similar.  Several elements of our un-shot scripted ending also ended up being very similar to some of the scenes in Scream 4.  If I can track the script down I'll post some of it someday.  In the following scenes Randy (Brandon Zimmerman) is home alone, impatiently awaiting his "STAB 3 Cast Exclusive" care package... PLAY!

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