Thursday, October 31, 2019

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2019: Total SCREAM Music Video!

With all of the other projects going on this year I wasn't sure if I would get around to digging into the archives for a Halloween clip.  Luckily, that did not end up being the case!  This years clip comes from the fake "Ad Campaign" for our incomplete Scream Fan Film - in the form of a music video.  If you look closely, a few flashes of old  material reveals our original title and the bare bones version of the costume as well.  It also features a lot of early scenes that were shot that probably never would have made it into the final movie.  Not because they were bad scenes.  Just because we improved in our film making and writing as production progressed.  They certainly gave us some fun highlight bites to use though!

This video was shot and partially edited early in production of the movie (sometime in early 1997) but finished sometime in 1999 as production was coming to a halt.  We actually ended up shooting another video altogether later on for this song - will have to track that down and post it as well if/when I find it.  This one features Heath Adams performing the song "What About Us" by the band Total with Brandon Zimmerman playing a very early incantation of our Ghostface costume.  I'm not sure where we found the song or why it became a "promotional track" but it mattered enough that we shot 2 versions of the music video.  Happy Halloween 2019!

Check it out HERE!

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