Wednesday, December 25, 2019

THE GREATEST SHOW: Holiday Music Video 2019!

My wife and I have made a few music video's for various holidays as gifts for people over the years.  So as we neared the 2019 Winter Holiday Season - she began to write a treatment for a new Christmas themed one.  In the past most of the videos that we have done have been either for her side of the family or for mine.  For this one she was pushing to be more ambitious.  This one would be for both, which means that we would invite all of our siblings to get involved.  On paper this sounds great but aside from her brother, none of our other siblings live close enough to come and shoot here with us.  So everything would have to be shot at their respective locations and then sent to us.  So that is what we did.  The shoots spanned over the course of the next 2 months in California (Glendale and Sherman Oaks), Illinois (Metamora, Germantown Hills, and Peoria Heights), and Oregon (Portland).  Overall we ended up with around 5 hours of raw material for a song that is slightly over 5 minutes.  Which means a lot of things ended up on the cutting room floor.  So I hope to pull together some sort of behind-the-scenes/deleted material montage at some point.  Stay tuned for more on that, if all goes well.  Post-Production took place in Los Angeles and the final music video was locked 2 days before we traveled to Illinois for the Holidays.  Just in time!

Check it out HERE!

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