Friday, December 25, 2020

"FOOTLOOSE" (Holiday Music Video 2020)

In our follow-up to last Holiday Season's The Greatest Show music video, we bring you FOOTLOOSE!  Similar to last year, this one features all of our (My Wife & I's) siblings and their significant others - the shoots spanned over the course of the last 2 months in California (Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys), Illinois (Metamora, Germantown Hills, Peoria Heights, and Chicago), and Oregon (Portland).  It seems like a good way to socially distance shoot a project but honestly we used the exact same process last year.

Overall we ended up with more footage this year (2 hours more!), clocking in at over 7 hours of raw material for a song that is slightly over 5 minutes.  So the editing process was a little bit more time consuming.  Post-Production was carried out in Los Angeles and took over most of my December.  We finally locked and completed it at the break of dusk on Christmas Eve.  It premiered around 4pm that day.  No traveling home for the holidays this year.  So this video will have to spread all of our holiday cheer this season, with a punch!  Check it out HERE!

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